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[scientific][www] Unable to download OpenStack for Scientific Research book

On 2020-01-08 18:31:10 +0100 (+0100), Pierre Riteau wrote:
> I tried to download the book at
> but the link doesn't work. Could this please be fixed?

I've personally reported it to the webmasters for the site. In the meantime, a bit of searching turns up
which will redirect to a working copy. As I wrote this, Wes Wilson
pointed out to me that there's also a 6x9in "printable" version at
and preprinted copies for purchase at if that's more your speed.

> I looked on for a contact address, but couldn't find
> one. Please let me know if there is a specific address I should use
> next time.

Yes, I know they're working on getting something added. They've
generally been relying on E-mails to summitapp at or bugs
filed at but I
gather they're creating a support at address or something
along those lines to mention in page footers on the site soon.
Jeremy Stanley
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