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Compute node NIC bonding for increased instance throughput

Good day,

I have a question for the OpenStack community, hopefully someone can
help me out here.

Provision an NFS instance capable of providing 20Gbps of network
throughput to be used by multiple other instances within the same

We run an OpenStack Stein cluster on Ubuntu 18.04. Our Neutron
architecture is using openvswitch and GRE. Our compute nodes have two
10G NIC's and are configured in a layer3+4 LACP to the Top of Rack

Successfully see 20Gbps of traffic balanced across both slaves in the
bond when performing iperf3 tests at the *baremetal/os/ubuntu* layer
with two other compute nodes as iperf3 clients.

We are unable to achieve 20Gbps at the instance level. We have tried
multiple iperf3 connections from multiple other instances on different
compute nodes and we are only able to reach 10Gbps and notice that
traffic is not utilizing both slaves in the bond. One slave gets all
of the traffic while the other slave sits basically idle.

I have some configuration output here:

Any help would be appreciated!

Jared Baker
Cloud Architect, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research