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[qa][infra][stable] Stable branches gate status: tempest-full-* jobs failing for stable/ocata|pike|queens

Hello Everyone,

tempest-full-* jobs are failing on stable/queens, stable/pike, and stable/ocata(legacy-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ocata) [1].ld 
Please hold any recheck till fix is merged. 

whoami-rajat reported about the tempest-full-queens-py3 job failure and later while debugging we found that same is failing
for pike and ocata(job name there  - legacy-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-ocata).

Failure is due to "Timeout on connecting the vnc console url" because there is no 'n-cauth' service running which is required
for these stable branches. In Ussuri that service has been removed from nova. 

 'n-cauth'  has been removed from ENABLED_SERVICES recently in - which effected only
stable branches till queens. stable/rocky|stein are working because we have moved the services enable things from devstack-gate's
test matrix to devstack base job[2]. Patch[2] was not backported to stable/queens and stable/pike which I am not sure why.

We have two ways to fix the stable branches gate:
1. re-enable the n-cauth in devstack-gate. Hope all other removes services create no problem. 
pros: easy to fix, fix for all three stable branches.

2. Backport the 546765[2] to stable/queens and stable/pike. 
pros: this removes the dependency form test-matrix which is the overall goal to remove d-g dependency. 
cons: It cannot be backported to stable/ocata as no zuulv3 base jobs there. This is already EM and anyone still cares about this? 

I think for fixing the gate (Tempest master and stable/queens|pike|ocata), we can go with option 1 and later
we backport the devstack migration.

- reported bug -