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[all] Is there something I can do to get a simple fix done?

I'm struggling to say this positively, but... it feels like OpenStack
promotes refactoring work that will likely break something, but is very
slow when a corresponding fix is needed, even when the fix is trivial.  Is
there something we could do to get fixes done more quickly when needed?

My case in point: my team's networking plugin (networking-calico) does not
do "extraroutes", and so was broken by some python-openstackclient change
(possibly [1]) that wrongly assumed that.  I posted a fix [2] that passed
CI on 21st October, and asked for it to be reviewed on IRC a couple of days
later.  Ã?douard Thuleau posted a similar fix [3] on 4th December, and we
agreed that his was better, so I abandoned mine.  His fix attracted a +2 on
11th December, but has been sitting like that ever since.

It's a fix that I would expect to be simple to review, so I wonder if
there's something else we could have done here to get this moving?  Or if
there is a systemic problem here that deserves discussion?


Many thanks,
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