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[tc] Add non-voting py38 for ussuri

Hello TC members,

Python 3.8 is available in Ubuntu Bionic now and while I understand it's
too late to enable voting py38 unit tests for ussuri, I'd like to at least
enable non-voting py38 unit tests. This email is seeking approval and
direction from the TC to move forward with enabling non-voting py38 tests.

For some further background: The next release of Ubuntu, Focal (20.04) LTS,
is scheduled to release in April 2020. Python 3.8 will be the default in
the Focal release, so I'm hopeful that non-voting unit tests will help
close some of the gap.

I have a review here for the zuul project template enablement for ussuri:

Also should this be updated considering py38 would be non-voting?

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