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Openstack third pary CI Implementation(Zuul V3 , Nodepool, Queens)

Yes, irc channel is correct, sorry I missed your question.

There are few docs and examples of how to do it that are working[1].

We had few issues with this configuration, and since we are using physical servers with our Hardware
We decided to migrate from zuul2 to Jenkins Gerrit Plugin[2]

Best Regards


From: Sikka, Rishabh <rishabh.sikka at>
Sent: Monday, November 4, 2019 11:15 AM
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Subject: Openstack third pary CI Implementation(Zuul V3 , Nodepool, Queens)

Dear Team ,

I am installing Zuul V3 ,Nodepool for our openstack third party CI ,Please let me know if any documentation is available for the same as I am struggling with the steps shared on zuul official page. Also please do let me know if #openstack-third-party-ci  is correct IRC channel related to third party ci implementation, if it is correct please refer some of the name who had already implemented it.
I had already tried posting my questions on same IRC channel but did not get the desired reply.

Note -: If above PDL is not correct , please refer it to the correct PDL.

Rishabh Sikka
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