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[oslo] Adoption of microversion-parse

On 10/21/19 5:16 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Hi Osloites,
> A recent review of the OpenStack namespace yielded a library that no 
> project team owns, and yet is specific to openstack and present in 
> global-requirements:
> Ideally it should be adopted by one of our project teams. After 
> discussing it with cdent, and since it is openstack-specific and 
> depended on by most openstack projects, it feels like Oslo would be a 
> good home for it. It would follow an "independent" release model and I 
> don't think it would trigger much updates or maintenance.
> I can post patches to make it happen if you confirm you're OK to host 
> it. Just keep me posted :)

Makes sense. We probably want to have an independent core team for it in 
addition to oslo-core so we can add people like Chris to it.

> Cheers,