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[Release-job-failures] release-post job for openstack/releases for ref refs/heads/master failed

zuul at wrote:
> Build failed.
> - tag-releases : RETRY_LIMIT in 1m 41s
> - publish-tox-docs-static : SKIPPED

This is the second similar issue in a row in tag-releases:

Root cause seems to be:
LOOP [Add origin remote to enable notes fetching]
fatal: remote origin already exists.

Coincides with start of usage of 'prepare-workspace-git' (instead of 
'use-cached-repos' which apparently worked better):

use-cached-repos removed the origin, while prepare-workspace-git 
replaces it by a zuul fake origin.

We should probably tweak:

Once fixed we'll need to reenqueue this one to process the tags correctly.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)