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[kolla][ovs][networking] LLDP support within an internal network?

Hey everyone,

Somewhat of a random question, but is there any built-in support within OVS
to carry LLDP traffic between instances running on the same Tenant network?
I know that linux-br will eat the LLDP traffic by default.

So far, enabling LLDP on the port "qbr" allows the hypervisor to see the
instances hosted on that hypervisor.

The instances can see the hypervisor as well. That said, instances cannot
see each other. All are residing within the same L2 network and are able to
have L2 between each other. I am seeing the LLDP packets from the
hypervisor arriving on the instance internal interface but nothing from the
other instances. I am seeing the outgoing LLDP packets on each interfaces
as well.

Let me know if anything else is required.

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