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[Ops] ops meetups team meeting 2019-10-15 - minutes

We had a brief meeting for the OpenStack Ops Meetups today on IRC, minutes
linked below.

The preparations for ops events at the Shanghai summit continue. There will
be an "ops war stories" session during the forum, and then a mini ops
meetup on day 4 (thursday) agenda still tbd, please make suggestions here :

Another bit of news is that Bloomberg intends to offer to host the next
OpenStack Ops Meetup. If accepted this would be an event in our London
headquarters on January 7th and 8th. More news will be shared here as and
when available and via the ops notifications twitter account (

Today's meeting minutes:

10:40 AM Minutes:
10:40 AM Minutes (text):
10:40 AM Log:


- on behalf of the OpenStack Ops Meetups team

Chris Morgan <mihalis68 at>
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