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[tc][all] Community-wide goal Ussuri and V cycle forum collaboration idea

Hello Everyone,

During the TC meeting on 10th Oct, we discussed the community-wide goal planning for Ussuri as well as the V cycle[1]
but there was no consensus on V cycle planning so I am bringing this to ML for further thoughts.

Ussuri cycle goal planning is all good here, That has been already started[2] and we have a dedicated forum session [3]
for the same to discuss the goals in more detail.

Question is for V cycle goal planning, whether we should discuss the V cycle goal in Ussuri goal fourm sessoin[3] or
it is too early to kick off V cycle goal at least until we finalize U cycle goal first. I would like to list the below two
options to proceed further (at least to decide if we need to change the existing U cycle goal forum sessions title). 

1. Merge the Forum session for both cycle goal discussion (divide both in two half). This need forum session title and description change. 
2. Keep forum session for U cycle goal only and start the V cycle over ML asynchronously. This will help to avoid any confusion or mixing the both cycle goal discussions.