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[charms] placement charm

On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 3:46 PM Corey Bryant <corey.bryant at>

> Hi All,

Hey Corey,

Great to see the charm coming along!

Code is located at:

1) Since the interface is new I would love to see it based on the
``Endpoint`` class instead of the aging ``RelationBase`` class. Also the
interface code needs unit tests. We have multiple examples of interface
implementations with both in place you can get inspiration from [0].

Also consider having both a ``connected`` and ``available`` state, the
available state could be set on the first relation-changed event.  This
increases the probability of your charm detecting a live charm in the other
end of the relation, both states are also required to use the
``charms.openstack`` required relation gating code.

2) In the reactive handler you do a bespoke import of the charm class
module just to activate the code, this is no longer necessary as there has
been implemented a module that does automatic search and import of the
class for you.  Please use that instead. [1]

    import charms_openstack.bus
    import charms_openstack.charm as charm


Frode Nordahl
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