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[neutron] Bug deputy report (week starting on 2019-09-30)

Hello Neutrinos,

train is almost ready to leave the station, and it is time for a new bug
deputy rotation cycle! I was on duty last week, triaging bugs up to 1846703
A quiet week, with most bugs having potential fixes or good discussions.
First one listed could benefit from another pair of eyes

* neutron-openvswitch-agent and IPv6 -
  Can not use an IPv6 address for OpenFlow connections listening address

* Pyroute2 can return dictionary keys in bytes instead of strings -
  Fix in progress:
* [mysql8] Unknown column 'public' in 'firewall_rules_v2' -
  neutron-fwaas db creation failing with mysql 8
  Fix in progress:

* Designate integration not fully multi region safe -
  Fix released:

* routed network for hypervisor -
  Proposition to have routed networks separation at hypervisor level
directly, apparently already running in-house at bug reporter's

* Avoid neutron to return error 500 when deleting port if designate is down
  Another bug for Designate support, port create and delete operations do
not react the same when designate is down
  Some discussions also in

* ovs VXLAN over IPv6 conflicts with linux native VXLAN over IPv4 using
standard port -
  Configuration issue in kolla-ansible CI, ovs-agent and CI configuration
competing for IPv6 binding address. Neutron listed for possible insights on
the issue

* ha router appear double vip -
  Kolla issue with HA controllers when stopping L3 agent - keepalived
processes are in same container and are killed at same time as agent, added
Kolla to affected projects
* packet loss during active L3 HA agent restart -
  Similar issue for openstack-ansible, it kills all processes in control
group (including keepalived processes) when restarting the systemd unit -
added OSA as affected project

Thanks! Passing the deputy role to slaweq
Bernard Cafarelli
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