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[nova] Stepping down from core reviewer

On 10/1/2019 4:40 PM, Kenichi Omichi wrote:
> Today my job description is changed and I cannot have enough time for 
> regular reviewing work of Nova project.
> So I need to step down from the core reviewer.
> I spend 6 years in the project, the experience is amazing.
> OpenStack gave me a lot of chances to learn technical things deeply, 
> make friends in the world and bring me and my family to foreign country 
> from our home country.
> I'd like to say thank you for everyone in the community :-)
> My personal private cloud is based on OpenStack, so I'd like to still 
> keep contributing for the project if I find bugs or idea.

Ken'ichi, thank you for all of your work over the years both in nova and 
the QA team. You played a key role in making microversions happen in the 
compute API and that has spread out to other projects so it's something 
you can be proud of. Good luck in your next position.