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[keystone] Shanghai PTG planning

That attendance list is looking pretty sad so far :(

On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 6:23 PM Colleen Murphy <colleen at> wrote:

> Hi team,
> The foundation has asked us to let them know whether we'll be needing PTG
> space in Shanghai. The keystone team usually has good attendance at PTGs
> and makes good use of the time, but I know this next one may be hard for
> some people to attend so I don't want to automatically assume we'll use it
> this time. If you wish to attend the next PTG and have a semi-reasonable
> amount of confidence that you may be able to, please add your name to the
> etherpad:
> Please do this by Monday, August 5 so that I have time to respond to the
> foundation by August 11.
> Feel free to also start brainstorming topics for the PTG (no deadline on
> this).
> Colleen

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