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[Nova] Instances can't be started after compute nodes unexpectedly shut down because of power outage

Can anyone help me please ? I can no't rescue my instances yet :(


Gökhan IÅ?IK <skylightcoder at>, 9 Tem 2019 Sal, 15:46 tarihinde Å?unu

> Hi folks,
> Because of power outage, Most of our compute nodes  unexpectedly
> shut  down and now I can not start our instances.  Error message is "Failed
> to get "write" lock another process using the image?". Instances Power
> status is No State.  Full error log is
> My environment is OpenStack Pike
> on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS servers and Instances are on a nfs shared storage. Nova
> version is 16.1.6.dev2. qemu version is 2.10.1. libvirt version is 3.6.0. I
> saw a commit [1], but it doesn't solve this problem.
> There are important instances on my environment. How can I rescue my
> instances? What would you suggest ?
> Thanks,
> Gökhan
> [1]
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