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[Tacker] Proposing changes in Tacker core team

Hello Team,

I am proposing below changes in Team: 

I would like to propose Hiroyuki Jo  to join Tacker core team.

Hiroyuki Jo have lead multiple valuable features level activities like affinity policy, VDU-healing, and VNF reservation [1] in Rocky & Stein cycle, and made it sure to be completed timely. And currently working on VNF packages [2] and  ETSI NFV-SOL specification support [3].
Hiroyuki has a good understanding of NFV  and Tacker project, and helping team by providing sensible reviews.
I believe it is a good addition in Tacker core team, and Tacker project will benefit from this nomination.

On the other hand, I wanted to thank to Bharath Thiruveedula for his great & valuable contribution in the project. He helped a lot to make Tacker better in early days. 
But now he doesn't seem to be active in project and he decided to step-down from core team. Whenever you will decide to come back to the project, I will be happy to add you in core-team.

Core-Team, Please respond with your +1/-1. If no objection, I will do these changes in next week.




Thanks & Regards
Dharmendra Kushwaha