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[goal][python3] Train unit tests weekly update (goal-10)

This is the goal-10 weekly update for the "Update Python 3 test runtimes
for Train" goal [1].
There are 10 weeks remaining for completion of Train community goals [2].

== What's the Goal? ==

To ensure (in the Train cycle) that all official OpenStack repositories
with Python 3 unit tests are exclusively using the
'openstack-python3-train-jobs' Zuul template or one of its variants (e.g.
'openstack-python3-train-jobs-neutron') to run unit tests, and that tests
are passing.
This will ensure that all official projects are running py36 and py37 unit
tests in Train.

For complete details please see [1].

== Ongoing Work ==

Patches have been submitted for all applicable projects except for:
OpenStack Charms, Puppet OpenStack, Quality Assurance, Release Management,

Open patches needing reviews:
Failing patches:

Patch automation scripts needing review:

== Completed Work ==

Merged patches:

== How can you help? ==

Please take a look at the failing patches and help fix any failing unit
tests for your projects. Python 3.7 unit tests will be self-testing in
If you're interested in helping submit patches, please let me know.

== Reference Material ==

[1] Goal description:
[2] Train release schedule: (see R-5 for "Train
Community Goals Completed")
Porting to Python 3.7:
Python Update Process:
Train runtimes:

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