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[kata-dev] [Zun][Kata] Devstack plugin for installing Kata container


That is great to hear. When it is fully integrated we can replace our somewhat hacky Zun / Kata instructions at which just takes the previous Clear Containers work enabling on OpenStack Zun and replaces it with the Kata runtime.


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Subject: [kata-dev] [Zun][Kata] Devstack plugin for installing Kata container

Hi all,

I have a patch [1] that adds support for installing kata Container in devstack. Right now, it configures kata container to run with Docker. In the future, I plan to add support for containerd's cri plugin, which basically allows running pods with kata container.

Initially, OpenStack Zun will use this plugin to install Kata container, but I believe it would be beneficial for other projects. Appreciate if anyone interest to cast your feedback on the patch.


Best regards,
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