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[uc][tc][ops] reviving osops- repos

On 11/06/2019 13.55,  Jean-Philippe Evrard  wrote:
>> Alternatively, I feel like a SIG (be it the Ops Docs SIG or a new 
>> "Operational tooling" SIG) would totally be a good idea to revive this. 
>> In that case we'd define the repository in [4].
>> My personal preference would be for a new SIG, but whoever is signing up 
>> to work on this should definitely have the final say.
> Agreed on having it inside OpenStack namespace, and code handled by a team/SIG/WG (with my preference being a SIG -- existing or not). When this team/SIG/WG retires, the repo would with it. It provides clean ownership, and clear cleanup when disbanding.

Mohammed, is that consensus and actionable?

Could you then update to reflect
this, please?

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