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[nova] FYI for out-of-tree virt drivers: deprecating non-update-provider-tree compat

I have a change up [1] to deprecate the backward compatibility code in 
the ResourceTracker for virt drivers that do not implement the 
update_provider_tree interface. Starting in Train you'll get a warning 
in the nova-compute logs every time the update_available_resource 
periodic runs (we could only log on startup, that's up for debate in the 
change) until the driver is updated and in the U release we'll drop that 
compatibility code.

The only out-of-tree virt driver I checked was nova-lxd and it does 
*not* implement update_provider_tree so for those that care about that 
driver you should implement the interface. The patch has a link to the 
reference docs on implementing that interface for your driver (it's 
pretty simple).