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[neutron] Bug deputy report for week of June 3rd


I was Neutron bug deputy last week. Below is a short summary about 
reported bugs.


Critical bugs

* - Neutron-vpnaas unit 
tests broken
   - Broken by

High bugs

* - [l3][dvr] with 
openflow security group east-west traffic between different vlan 
networks is broken

* - br-tun gets a wrong 
arp drop rule when dvr is connected to a network but not used as gateway

* - Creation of existing 
resource takes too much time or fails

* - Impossible to change 
a list of static routes defined for subnet because of 
InvalidRequestError with Cisco ACI integration

Medium bugs

* - rarp packet will be 
dropped in flows cause vm connectivity broken after live-migration
   - Yang Li took ownership

* - SRIOV: agent may not 
register VFs

* - [DVR] Modify 
`in_port` field of packets which from remote qr-* port
   - Possibly related to and

* - Unable to filter 
using same cidr value as used for subnet create

* - 
incorrect decode of log prefix under python 3

Low bugs

* - BGP dynamic routing 
in neutron

Wishlist bugs

Invalid bugs

* - moved to lbaas storyboard

Further triage required

* - neutron-cli 
port-update ipv6 fixed_ips Covering previous
   - Fixed IP getting replaced when using neutronclient, as API ref says
     will happen.
   - Looks like the openstackclient is doing things properly by appending
     the new fixed IP to the existing.
   - Might just be a documentation issue.

* -
Checksum drop of metadata traffic on isolated provider networks
   - Related to recent revert of TCP checksum-fill iptables rule, - but since that was
     an invalid rule there is probably another issue here.