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[Glance] Can Glance be installed on a server other than the controller?

On Fri., Jun. 7, 2019, 8:15 p.m. Jordan Michaels, <michjo at>

> Hi Folks,
> First time posting here so apologies if this question is inappropriate for
> this list.
> Just a quick question to see if Glance can be installed on a server other
> than the controller? By following the installation docs for Rocky I can get
> Glance installed just fine on the controller (works great!), but following
> that same documentation on a separate server I cannot get it to
> authenticate. It's probably just something I'm doing, but I've run out of
> ideas on what to check next (both the controller and the separate server
> use the same auth and config), and I just want to make sure it's possible.
> It's also possible I'm losing my mind, so, there's that. =P
> Posted about it in detail here:
> Appreciate any advice!

It's possible :)

Kind regards,
> Jordan
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