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'[Nova][Ironic] Reset Configurations in Baremetals Post Provisioning

Hi Eric,

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>From: Eric Fried [mailto:openstack at]

>Waitwait. The VM needs to be rebooted for the BIOS change to take effect?
>So (non-live) resize would actually satisfy your use case just fine. But the
>problem is that the ironic driver doesn't support resize at all?
Yes you're right here. But the resize in Nova does migration which we don't want to do. Just apply the new traits and IronicDriver will run the matching deploy steps.

>Without digging too hard, that seems like it would be a fairly straightforward
>thing to add. It would be limited to only "same host"
>and initially you could only change this one attribute (anything else would
>have to fail).
>Nova people, thoughts?