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[cloudkitty] Core team updates

Hi all,

I'd like to propose some updates to the CloudKitty core team:

* First of all I'd like to welcome Justin Ferrieu (jferrieu on IRC) to 
the core team. He's been around contributing (mostly on the Prometheus 
collector and fetcher) and reviewing a lot for the last two releases 
( It 
would be great if he had +2/+A power.

* Some cores have been inactive for a long time. For now, 
Pierre-Alexandre Bardina can be removed from the core team, and I've 
reached out to the other inactive cores. We'll wait a bit for a reply 
before we proceed. Of course, if these people want to contribute again 
in the future, we'd be glad to welcome them back in the core team.

Thanks to all contributors!


Luka Peschke