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[openstack-ansible][powervm] dropping support

On 5/31/19, 6:46 PM, "Mohammed Naser" <mnaser at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've pushed up a patch to propose dropping support for PowerVM support
> inside OpenStack Ansible.  There has been no work done on this for a
> few years now, the configured compute driver is the incorrect one for
> ~2 years now which indicates that no one has been able to use it for
> that long.
> It would be nice to have this driver however given the infrastructure
> we have upstream, there would be no way for us to effectively test it
> and bring it back to functional state.  I'm proposing that we remove
> the code here:
> powervm: drop support
> If you're using this code and would like to contribute to fixing it
> and (somehow) adding coverage, please reach out, otherwise, we'll drop
> this code to clean things up.

Sadly, I don't know of anyone using it or willing to maintain it at this time.