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[oslo] Courtesy ping changes

Important: Action is required if you want to continue receiving courtesy 
pings. Read on for details.

This is an oslo-specific followup to [0]. There's a lot of good 
discussion there if you're interested in the background for this email.

The TLDR version is that we're going to keep the Oslo courtesy ping list 
because a number of Oslo contributors have expressed their preference 
for it. However, we are making some changes.

First, the ping list will be cleared at the start of each cycle. This 
should prevent us from pinging people who no longer work on Oslo (which 
is almost certainly happening right now). Everyone who wants a courtesy 
ping will need to re-opt-in each cycle. We'll work out a transition 
process so people don't just stop receiving pings.

Second, the ping list is going to move from the script in to 
the meeting agenda[1] on the wiki. There's no need for Oslo core signoff 
on ping list changes and that makes it a waste of time for both the 
cores and the people looking to make changes to the list. This does mean 
we'll lose the automatic wrapping of the list, but once we clean up the 
stale entries I suspect we won't need to wrap it as much anyway.

I will continue to use the existing ping list for the next two weeks to 
give everyone a chance to add their name to the new list. I've seeded 
the new list with a couple of people who had expressed interest in 
continuing to receive pings, but if anyone else wants to continue 
getting them please add yourself to the list in [1] (see the Agenda 
Template section).

I'm intentionally _not_ adding all of the active Oslo cores on the 
assumption that you may prefer to set up your own notification method. I 
might automatically carry over cores from cycle to cycle since they are 
presumably still interested in Oslo and chose that notification method, 
but we'll worry about that at the start of next cycle.

I think that covers the current plan for courtesy pings in Oslo. If you 
have any comments or concerns please let me know. Otherwise expect this 
new system to take effect in 3 weeks.