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[neutron] Bug deputy report 2019-05-14 - 2019-05-20

Hello Neutrinos,

Here is this week's bug deputy report for neutron-related issues.




  * - neutron-server
    report DhcpPortInUse ERROR log
        <> and
        <> have been proposed against
        neutron and neutron-lib respectively.

  * - Duplicate quota
    entry for project_id/resource causes inconsistent behaviour
  * -
    Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) v2 scenario in neutron
      o This is a documentation issue, the docs suggest commands be
        invoked via neutron CLI when this is not supported.
        <> has been proposed to fix this.
  * - no way for non
    admin users to get networks
  * - Attribute
    filtering should be based on all objects instead of only first
        <> has been proposed to address




  **- *Implement
    consistency check and self-healing for SDN-managed fabrics
      o A potentially interesting RFE around enabling feedback
        mechanisms for ML2 mech drivers. I'm not sure what to make of
        this yet, but I think it warrants some further discussion.

*Filed and Fix Released:

  * - Neutron returns
    HttpException: 500 on certain operations with modified list of
    policies for non-admin user
      o was merged on master,
        with backports proposed to stable/stein and stable/rocky

*Unassigned:* and

-Ryan Tidwell

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