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[openstack-helm] List of the current meeting times, and opinion on adjustment

On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 12:05 AM Jean-Philippe Evrard <
jean-philippe at> wrote:

> Sadly, there is no magic with timezones :( I am fine with your proposal
> though.

True, there is really no magic with timezones, especially it involves
everyone in the earth.

> I believe that there could be another way:
> - If a conversation needs to happen "synchronously", we could use the
> office hours for that. The office hours are timezone alternated IIRC, but
> not yet "officialized" (they are not appearing in [1]).
> - Bring conversations that need to happen asynchronously over the ML.
> - Discuss/Decide things in reviews.
I do like your idea. Bringing asynchronous conversation actively to ML and
reviews. If one think posting on ML or writing reviews has an equal effect
as talking directly to someone in weekly irc meeting, it would give good
alternative way.

I did not think of using official hours as a sort of irc meeting for people
in different timezone. However, I guess it cloud be done.

> That's technically totally workable globally, but it needs a change in
> mindset.
> It's also most likely people will get less active on IRC, which will
> impact the way we "feel" as a community.

True, "feel" part is sometimes a very important factor for people. I think
that being part of "official" activity is sometimes important not only for
effective communication but also for "feeling" that I am part of
community.  Being able to attend "official" weekly meeting without too much
effort (e.g. keep your eye open till midnight) is an weapon for me to bring
more people into the community.

I suppose we can do both.
1) Trying to find if it is possible to have a slightly better official
meeting time slot for Asian region
2) Discussing on more leveraging asynchronous way of communication and its
effect on the community.

Thank you for the insightful feedback. :)

> Regards,
> Jean-Philippe Evrard
> [1]:

*Jaesuk Ahn*, Ph.D.
Software R&D Center, SK Telecom
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