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[placement] update 19-19

> * <>
>   Spec for Nested Magic. This is associated with a [lengthy
>   story](!/story/2005575) that
>   includes visual artifacts from the PTG. It covers several related
>   features to enable nested-related requirements from nova and
>   neutron. It is a work in progress, with several unanswered
>   questions. It is also something that efried started but will be
>   unable to finish so the rest of us will need to finish it up as
>   the questions get answered. And it also mostly subsumes a previous
>   spec on [subtree
>   affinity]( (Eric, please
>   correct me if I'm wrong on that.)

Thanks for the reminder, Chris, you're correct. I've abandoned that spec
and invalidated its associated task (in story!/story/2005385 which I think makes
the story be closed?).