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[openstack-helm] List of the current meeting times, and opinion on adjustment


In PTG, I have put as one of agenda during openstack-helm PTG session, and
it was then discussed during the Airship PTG session.
The reason is, to encourage current/potential contributors from my region
to show up at these community meetings, a little bit more preferable time
would be great.


   - Meeting times

   - Use

   - There is no good time for everyone - lots of folks west coast, europe,

   - Compromise -- two meeting times on same day, separated ~10 hours apart
   or some such

   - Outcome:  +1

   - use  to come up with a few options,
   including single meetings per week and multiple

   - Let people vote on it in the patchset to change the meeting time

   - Note: OSH to do something similar

In reality, there are many people who are attending both openstack-helm and
Airship meeting.
I also totally agree with Pete (PTL) that it makes sense to ensure the
meeting time for both projects work together.
Therefore, FYI, here is the summary of meeting times for both Airship and

Here is the current Airship Meeting Time

   - Airship Design Call (Twice a Week untill airship 2.0 design settled)
      - Tuesday (1.5h) : 13:00 UTC (09:00 AM EST / 06:00 AM PST / 13:00
      CEST  / 22:00 Korea)
      - Thursday (1.5 h) : 15:00 UTC (11:00 AM EST / 08:00 AM PST / 15:00
      CEST / 00:00 AM Korea Friday)
   - Airship Weekly IRC Meeting
      - Tuesday (1h) : 16:00 UTC (12:00 PM EST / 09:00 AM PST / 16:00 CEST
      / 01:00 AM Korea Wednesday)

Current OpenStack-Helm Meeting Time

   - OSH Weekly IRC Meeting
      - Tuesday (1h) : 15:00 UTC (11:00 AM EST / 08:00 AM PST / 15:00
      CEST / 00:00 AM Korea Friday)

Now we have all the meeting time listed here in this email. I would like to
discuss possible available options for the adjustment.

I will start!. Here is my opinion.
For me, first of all, 13:00 UTC (10PM) or 14:00 UTC (11PM) would be the
reasonable time to have a weekly meetings (I am living in Korea).
Current 15:00 UTC (midnight) is a bit difficult time to regularly attend
the weekly meeting. It also make me difficult to ask someone else from my
region to attend the meeting.

Secondly, as mentioned during PTG, having two meetings on the same day will
also be an option.
Personally, I concern that having two meetings will put somewhat heavy
burden on PTL and core reviewers.

PLEASE share your opinion on possible options for meeting time. Thanks you.

*Jaesuk Ahn*, Ph.D.
Software R&D Center, SK Telecom
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