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[Kolla] Few questions about offline deploy & operation.

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie of using Kolla-ansible to deploy OpenStack.
Everything works well. But I have few questions about Kolla since I was
using Fuel as deploy tool before.
The questions may silly, but I really want to know since I didn't found
much informations to solve my questions..

About offline deployment:

I already known that we need have OS local repository (CentOS or Ubuntu),
docker local package repository, and local docker registry.
But one thing I'm not sure that it will use pip to install python packages
or not. Because I found it will also install pip into target node during
If so, which python package should I prepare for?

About operation:

1. Is it possible to operate a single service to whole OpenStack nodes?
Like using crm to check status about MySQL or RabbitMQ services on all
control nodes.

2. How can I maintenance the Ceph OSD if OSD down caused by disk issue?
I know how to rebuild OSD by Ceph commands but I'm not sure how to do if
ceph-osd running in container.

Many thanks,
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