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[oslo][requirements] Bandit Strategy


To help us to be more reactive on similar issues related to requirements
who drop python 2 (the sphinx use case)
I've submit a patch to schedule
"check-requirements" daily.

Normally with that if openstack/requirements add somes changes who risk to
break our CI we will be informed quickly by this periodical job.

I guess we will facing a many similar issues in the next month due to the
python 2.7 final countdown and libs who will drop python 2.7 support.

For the moment only submit my patch on oslo.log, but if it work, in a
second time, we can copy it to all the oslo projects.

I'm not a zuul expert and I don't know if my patch is correct or not, so
please feel free to review it and to put comments to let me know how to
proceed with periodic jobs.

Also oslo core could check daily the result of this job to know if actions
are needed and inform team via the ML or something like that in fix the
issue efficiently.


Yours Hervé.

Le jeu. 16 mai 2019 à 07:44, Tony Breeds <tony at> a écrit :

> On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 11:09:26AM -0400, Zane Bitter wrote:
> > It's breaking the whole world and I'm actually not sure there's a good
> > reason for it. Who cares if sphinx 2.0 doesn't run on Python 2.7 when we
> set
> > and achieved a goal in Stein to only run docs jobs under Python 3? It's
> > unavoidable for stable/rocky and earlier but it seems like the pain on
> > master is not necessary.
> While we support python2 *anywhere* we need to do this.  The current
> tools (both ours and the broader python ecosystem) need to have these
> markers.
> I apologise that we managed to mess this up we're looking at how we can
> avoid this in the future but we don't really get any kinda of signals
> about $library dropping support for $python_version.  The py2 things is
> more visible than a py3 minor release but they're broadly the same thing
> Yours Tony.

Hervé Beraud
Senior Software Engineer
Red Hat - Openstack Oslo
irc: hberaud

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