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[Tacker][dev] Scaling and auto-healing functions for VNFFG

Dear Lee,

Thanks for heading-up for these topics.
Implementation got started earlier for these spacs(as in [1], [2]), but Currently no progress on that.
That will be great if your team work on these features. Please feel free to lead this activity.


Thanks & Regards
Dharmendra Kushwaha

From: Hochan Lee <ghcks1000 at>
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 11:32 AM
To: openstack-discuss at
Subject: [Tacker][dev] Scaling and auto-healing functions for VNFFG

Hello tacker team and all,

I'm hochan lee and graduate student from korea univ.

Our team is interested in SFC and VNFFG, especially HA of VNFFG.

We are intereseted in scaling and auto-healing functions for VNFFG proposed in Tacker Pike Specifications.

We think these functions hadn't been developed yet.

Are these features currently being developed?

If not, can we go on developing these features for contribution?

We wanna join next tacker weekly meeting and discuss them.