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[oslo][requirements] Bandit Strategy

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 11:09:26AM -0400, Zane Bitter wrote:

> It's breaking the whole world and I'm actually not sure there's a good
> reason for it. Who cares if sphinx 2.0 doesn't run on Python 2.7 when we set
> and achieved a goal in Stein to only run docs jobs under Python 3? It's
> unavoidable for stable/rocky and earlier but it seems like the pain on
> master is not necessary.

While we support python2 *anywhere* we need to do this.  The current
tools (both ours and the broader python ecosystem) need to have these

I apologise that we managed to mess this up we're looking at how we can
avoid this in the future but we don't really get any kinda of signals
about $library dropping support for $python_version.  The py2 things is
more visible than a py3 minor release but they're broadly the same thing

Yours Tony.
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