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[mistral] Proposing to have Mistral office hours weekly on Wed 8.00 UTC


All people who are interested in any kind of discussions (technical, user questions) around Mistral are invited to participate regular Mistral office hours sessions starting next week. The proposed time slot for now is Wed 8.00 UTC. If you have other suggestions, letâ??s discuss. The Mistral IRC channel is #openstack-mistral.
That doesnâ??t mean though that you can find us in the channel only within this hour once a week. Usually some of the Mistral contributors are there and available to talk. However, Iâ??d like to renew office hours just so people know that somebody will be there for sure at this time. Since we havenâ??t had regular meetings for a few months the most important topics Iâ??d like to propose are building a further roadmap and helping new contributors getting up to speed. But anything else is also welcome.


Renat Akhmerov
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