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[watcher] Compute CDM builder issues (mostly perf related)

On 5/14/2019 3:34 PM, Matt Riedemann wrote:
> 1. In general, a lot of this code for building the compute node model is 
> based on at least using the 2.53 microversion (Pike) in nova where the 
> is a UUID - this is actually necessary for a multi-cell 
> environment like CERN. The nova_client.api_version config option already 
> defaults to 2.56 which was in Queens. I'm not sure what the 
> compatibility matrix looks like for Watcher, but would it be possible 
> for us to say that Watcher requires nova at least at Queens level API 
> (so nova_client.api_version >= 2.60), add a release note and a 
> "watcher-status upgrade check" if necessary. This might make things a 
> bit cleaner in the nova CDM code to know we can rely on a given minimum 
> version.

I tried changing nova_client.api_version to a FloatOpt but that gets 
messy because of how things like 2.60 are handled (str(2.60) gets turned 
into '2.6' which is not what we'd want). I was hoping we could use 
FloatOpt with a min version to enforce the minimum required version, but 
I guess we could do this other ways in the client helper code itself by 
comparing to some minimum required version in the code.