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[oslo][all] Ending courtesy pings

On 2019-05-14 11:58:03 -0500 (-0500), Ben Nemec wrote:
> The recommendation was for interested parties to set up custom
> highlights on the "#startmeeting oslo" (or whichever meeting)
> command.

Cross-sections of our community have observed similar success with
"group highlight" strings (infra-root, tc-members, zuul-maint and so
on) where the folks who want to get notified as a group can opt to
add these custom strings to their client configurations.

> people didn't know how to configure their IRC client to do this.

For those using WeeChat, the invocation could be something like this
in your core buffer:

    /set weechat.look.highlight_regex #startmeeting (oslo|tripleo)

Or you could similarly set the corresponding line in the [look]
section of your ~/.weechat/weechat.conf file and then /reload it:

    highlight_regex = "#startmeeting (oslo|tripleo)"

Extend the (Python flavored) regex however makes sense.

> Once you do configure it, there's a testing problem in that you
> don't get notified of your own messages, so you basically have to
> wait for the next meeting and hope you got it right. Or pull
> someone into a private channel and have them send a startmeeting
> command, which is a hassle. It isn't terribly complicated, but if
> it isn't tested then it's assumed broken. :-)

Or temporarily add one for a meeting you know is about to happen on
some channel to make sure you have the correct configuration option
and formatting, at least.

> The other concern was that this process would have to be done any
> time someone changes IRC clients, whereas the ping list was a
> central thing that always applies no matter where you're
> connecting from.

I may be an atypical IRC user, but this is far from the most
complicated part of my configuration which would need to be migrated
to a new client. Then again, I've only changed IRC clients roughly
every 8 years (so I guess I'm due to move to a 5th one next year).
Jeremy Stanley
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