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[release][ptl] Cycle Highlights Schedule Changes


I wanted to bring your attention to the shift in the schedule for the
collection of cycle highlights[1].

It used to be that collection started around m3 and concluded at RC1.
However, not having them until then makes it difficult to get them to the
marketing machine in time to process/ turn into a press release to
celebrate our hard work.

Now, with the changes, between m2 and m3 I will send out a reminder to get
liaisons + PTLs to start thinking about them. From then on you are welcome
to start adding them to your deliverable files (I suppose you could add
them sooner if you want to be extra on top of things). But, more

*The new final deadline for cycle highlights will now be feature freeze[2]
the week of R-5. *

The process for submitting them remains the same[3].

If you have any questions please let me know or join us in the
#openstack-release channel.

Look forward to seeing what everyone has accomplished during Train :)


-Kendall (diablo_rojo)

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