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[oslo][all] Ending courtesy pings

On 2019-05-14 13:32:49 -0400 (-0400), Jim Rollenhagen wrote:
> I'd argue that as long as people opt in to a courtesy ping, and
> have a clear way to opt out, then the courtesy ping is not bad
> etiquette.
> It would be great if folks managed their own meeting reminders,
> but if they appreciate a ping at the start of the meeting, I see
> no reason not to do that.

Yep, the main challenge is that spammers also like to randomly
mention lists of nicks to trigger highlights in a particular channel
before proceeding to paste in whatever nonsense with which they wish
to regale us, so Freenode's policing mechanisms may mistake a
lengthy "ping list" for such activity and insta-ban you.
Jeremy Stanley
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