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[oslo][all] Ending courtesy pings

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 10:38 AM Jim Rollenhagen <jim at>

> On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 1:04 PM Ben Nemec <openstack at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We discussed this some in the Oslo meeting yesterday[0], and I wanted to
>> send a followup because there wasn't universal support for it.
>> One of the outcomes of the PTL tips and tricks session in Denver was
>> that courtesy pings like we use in the Oslo meeting are considered bad
>> IRC etiquette. The recommendation was for interested parties to set up
>> custom highlights on the "#startmeeting oslo" (or whichever meeting)
>> command. Also, there is an ics file available on eavesdrop[1] that can
>> be used to import the meeting to your calendaring app of choice. I
>> should note that I don't seem to be able to configure notifications on
>> the imported calendar entry in Google calendar though, so I'm not sure
>> how useful this is as a reminder.
>> A couple of concerns were raised yesterday. One was that people didn't
>> know how to configure their IRC client to do this. Once you do configure
>> it, there's a testing problem in that you don't get notified of your own
>> messages, so you basically have to wait for the next meeting and hope
>> you got it right. Or pull someone into a private channel and have them
>> send a startmeeting command, which is a hassle. It isn't terribly
>> complicated, but if it isn't tested then it's assumed broken. :-)
>> The other concern was that this process would have to be done any time
>> someone changes IRC clients, whereas the ping list was a central thing
>> that always applies no matter where you're connecting from.
>> Anyway, I said I would send an email out for further public discussion,
>> and this is it. I'm interested to hear people's thoughts.
> I'd argue that as long as people opt in to a courtesy ping, and have a
> clear way to opt out, then the courtesy ping is not bad etiquette.
> It would be great if folks managed their own meeting reminders, but
> if they appreciate a ping at the start of the meeting, I see no reason
> not to do that.
> // jim
>> Thanks.
>> -Ben
>> 0:
>> 1:
Keystone used to have a self-managed list (curated at the start of each
cycle administratively so inactive folks weren't constantly pinged) for the
courtesy pings. The list was located at the top of our weekly meeting
agenda. With that said, we've also moved away from courtesy pings. With the
ability to export the .ics of the calendars (for my personal calendar) this
has become less of an issue. I support the general removal of courtesy
pings simply for the reason of limiting the clutter in the channels.

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