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[all[tc][ptls] Success bot lives on!

On 14/05/2019 17:19, Ben Nemec wrote:
> On 5/14/19 10:59 AM, Alexandra Settle wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Hope you're all settled back in after an absolutely crazily long week 
>> in Denver.
>> The TC met on Saturday the 4th of May for the PTG and we had a large 
>> group discussing how we can evolve our systems towards more 
>> simplicity, fun, exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding (take your wordy 
>> pick). But in the mean time, we don't appear to celebrate the little 
>> things anymore.
>> One of the proposals to this was to revive success bot for consistent 
>> use. For those who don't know or remember what success bot is, it is 
>> a success IRC bot (*dramatic gasp*) that makes it simple to record 
>> "little moments of joy and progress" and share them. Review this 
>> article for more info [1] or the original email from Thierry [2].
>> It is clear that we still have some using it, with about ~25 posts 
>> last year and 2 so far this year, but I think we can do better than 
>> that. There are a lot of new people in the community, so I hope this 
>> generates more interest!
>> So whenever you feel like you (or someone) made progress, or had a 
>> little success in your OpenStack adventures, or have some joyful 
>> moment to share, just throw the following message on your local IRC 
>> channel:
>> #success [Your message here]
>> The openstackstatus bot will take that and record it on the wiki page 
>> [3].
> I think we had talked about sending a weekly summary to the list or 
> something. I know I don't tend to check the wiki page on a regular 
> basis. Is there any plan around that?

There sure is. So, based on those numbers above ^^ there's not really a 
case to jump in and go "ahoy, let's send the results to the list" as 
there really is no (not many) results at the moment.

So, to start - I'm hoping this email generates interest in using the 
success bot, and then the plan is to change the output location from the 
wiki, to auto send an email (that, or scrap the wiki diff to generate an 
email) :)

>> Cheers,
>> Alex
>> IRC: asettle
>> Twitter: dewsday
>> [1] 
>> [2] 
>> [3] 
>> <>
>> p.s  - The bot still only works in channels where openstackstatus is 
>> present (the official OpenStack IRC channels), and we may remove 
>> entries that are off-topic or spam.