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[openstack-ansible] Documentation of host OS major upgrade


I'm actually using OpenStack-Ansible to deploy a little public cloud. For now 
it runs on Queens / Ubuntu 16.04.

I've read that Rocky will be the only release supported on both Ubuntu 16.04 
and Ubuntu 18.04 with OpenStack-Ansible.
Stein being out soon (with OpenStack-Ansible), the question of Host OS upgrade 
from Ubuntu 16.04 to ubuntu 18.04 is a big thing of this year.

I've not found any documentation about that upgrade path (Rocky->Stein, host 
I had some answers on IRC that OpenStack Ansible does not support a mixed 
environnement (adding compute nodes on Ubuntu 18.04 while the rest is on 
Ubuntu 16.04 for example).

Did I miss something in the actual doc or in some blogs ?

I'm sure some users already faced this with transition fro Ubuntu 14.04 to 
Ubuntu 16.04. There's certainly some material to start some documentation and 
add it to

I know that there's less contributors now, I'll see if I can help.