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[OpenStack-sigs][self-healing] help most needed for SIGs and WGs

Rico Lin <rico.lin.guanyu at> wrote: 
>Dear all SIG and WG members 
>I would like to ask for three favors from each group. Thank you for your 
>kindly help. 
>    1. As an action from [3], we will have a forum `Help most needed for 
>SIGs and WGs` [4]. And would like to ask each group kindly provide me the 
>following help most needed information, including 
>   - What's your team's name 

Self-healing SIG 

>   - Who's leading or active in this team 

Me and Eric Kao 

>   - What's this team recently plan or doing 

All actions are in StoryBoard:!/project/openstack/self-healing-sig 

>   - How people can join this team? 

 0. Read

 1. Join discussions on ML / #openstack-self-healing IRC (especially
    the meetings) and at f2f events

 2. Start contributing to the StoryBoard

>   - What's your most needed help interns of actions or technical features? 

I would say!/story/2001439 (health 
check APIs) is in the most urgent need of help (it was already 
supposed to be a community goal for Train but we ran out of time), 
followed by 

  - Converging solutions for compute plane HA!/story/2002124

  - automated testing for HA / self-healing (BIG project)!/story/2002129