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[telemetry] Procedure for merging patches

Hi team,

One of the thing that has been brought up in the last meeting is what is
the process of merging a patch. So, let's try this first:

   - For small patches (e.g., change strings, fix typos, update docs): any
   core can approve for merging.
   - For a patch that implements a new feature, removes a feature, patch
   that has huge changes (in the number of changed files and loc, etc.) or any
   patch that is in doubt: we need at least 2 cores to give a +2 and then the
   PTL will merge it.

Of course, we can change the procedure when we see issues. For now, this
should be a guideline for the team.

Please feel free to comment.


*Trinh Nguyen*
* <>*
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