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[tripleo][openstack-ansible] collaboration on os_tempest role update XVIII - Apr 10, 2019


Here is the 17th update (Apr 03 to Apr 09, 2019) on collaboration
on os_tempest[1] role between TripleO and OpenStack-Ansible projects.

Highlights of the week:
* os_tempest doc build job was broken and bug
  in generate test-list file task are got fixed
* we have added tempest_services var to automatically enable
  tempest_service_available_{project_name} var.
* os_tempest got support of debian distro.
* We have added required os_tempest vars in tripleo CI in order to
  port periodic rdo third party job to os_tempest.

Thanks to Arx for tempest_test_whitelist featureset overrides,
mnaser for adding debian support and fixing doc job builds across
OSA, jrosser, odyssey4me, noonedeadpunk for helping on tempest_services

Things got merged:
* docs: drop sphinxmark -
* Fix Generate test-list file task -
* debian: add support -
* tempest_services var for setting tempest_service_available_{} -

* Add tempest_test_whitelist to allowed_override -
* Remove the tempest_test_whitelist from playbook -
* tempest_services var for setting tempest_service_available_{} -
* Include vars of tempest_services and concurrency in fs override -

Things in Progress:
* os_tempest user guide:
* Switch to import_task in os_tempest -

* Update Standalone Periodic jobs in Master to use OS_TEMPEST -

What is coming?
* We are working on porting standalone periodic jobs to os_tempest on RDO side
* FInishing Doc user guide

Here is the 17th update [2]. Have queries, Feel free to ping us on
#tripleo or #openstack-ansible channel.



Chandan Kumar