Subject: Re: [wp-trac] [WordPress Trac] #37595: Better
titles for the Quick Draft dashboard widget

#37595: Better titles for the Quick Draft dashboard widget
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Comment (by SergeyBiryukov):

Replying to [comment:4 sudar]:
> There is `_n` (
function which allows us to use different strings based on a variable

It's not suitable in this case though, see

Note that some languages use the singular form for other numbers (e.g.
21, 31 and so on, much like '21st', '31st' in English). If you would like
to special case the singular, check for it specifically:
if ( 1 === $count ) {
printf( esc_html__( 'Last thing!', 'my-text-domain' ), $count );
} else {
printf( esc_html( _n( '%d thing.', '%d things.', $count, 'my-text-
domain' ) ), $count );

[attachment:dashboard.patch] is correct in that sense, although it doesn't
quite do what the ticket suggests.

"My Drafts" is also an option, there's a related discussion in #26769
about "Your Profile" vs. "My Profile" (no consensus at this time though).
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