Subject: Re: WineConf 2017

Hi all,

It's all confirmed now, WineConf will take place in Wrocław, Sofitel
hotel on 28th and 29th October. I hope that works for everyone willing
to participate.

We have a pool of rooms at fixed price 325 PLN/night (around 77
EUR/night) reserved for WineConf attendees. To make a reservation,
please fill the attached form and e-mail it to the hotel (hotel phone
and e-mail is in the form).

You will find more informations on the wiki page:

Piotr and Jacek

On 12.05.2017 13:22, Jacek Caban wrote:
> Hi all,
> We'd like to share with everyone current plans for WineConf. It will
> most likely be on 28th and 29th October 2017 in Wrocław, Sofitel hotel.
> It's still not final yet, but we feel that it's close enough to be worth
> sharing. We will send an announcement with more details once we have
> everything sorted out.
> Looking forward to see you all in Wrocław,
> Piotr and Jacek
> PS: I don't seem to have enough permissions to create a page on Wiki.
> Could someone please do that?

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