Subject: Re: yuvfps and sound

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Edouard Chalaron wrote:

> Hi
> Got a fabulous NTSC video from USA and would like to make it a PAL DV file.
> Acquisition is Ok, no worries, thanks to Canopus. Although I am not sure if I
> have to use AVI1 or 2 to use it with lav2yuv.

lav2yuv needs type 2 AVI. I prefer to use

> The frame rate : should I use yuvfps 25000:1000 or 25:1 (it has to go back
> onto video)

I do this as:

smil2wav -a video.wav video_ntsc.dv
smil2yuv video_ntsc.dv | yuvfps -r 25:1 | yuvscaler -O SIZE_720x576 | \
y4mtopgm | encodedv -i pgm -a wav - video.wav > video_pal.dv

yuvfps resamples the framerate by simply dropping/duplicating frames, so
the resulting video may show some jerkiness and interlacing artifacts at
high motion scenes (deinterlacing may help..). Also there is the issue of
chroma subsampling difference between NTSC and PAL DV. Having said that I
have done such pal->ntsc and ntsc->pal conversion a couple of times with
acceptable results.

y4mtopgm in the pipeline above is a simple utility I wrote to convert
a yuv4mpeg stream into a pgm stream that is accepted by encodedv. If you
want I can send it you.

> I guess the sound will have to be resampled, I know we people came around
> this question already but can not find it in my archives.
> Thanks a lot for your help
> Edouard


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