Subject: Re: Dynamically connecting a dispatch-router to a
new broker

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> Subject: Dynamically connecting a dispatch-router to a new broker
> Hi,
> We are trying to use the dispatch-router as a load balancer distributing
> the messages across a group of downstream brokers. The brokers and the
> dispatch-router are on the same private network.
> We have a need to dynamically add a broker to the group when the load
> increases.
> In case we want to achieve this, it seems that we need to add a new
> "connector" on the dispatch-router to establish the channel with the newly
> added broker.
> My question is regarding the "connector" concept. Does every connector map
> to an actual physical port on the dispatch-router side?

No. A connector defines an outbound connection from the router to the remote
broker. The connector has role 'route-container'. The host and port define
the address *in the remote broker* to which the dispatch-router will connect.
The connector also has the credentials the router will use in order to
connect to the broker.

The router and the rest of the router network will send all link requests
to the addresses the broker is serving over the single network connection
created on behalf of the connector.

There is documentation in the doc book created when you 'make book' in your
router build directory. Open build/doc/book/book.html; search for 'connector'.

> If it's case, then I have these additional questions (otherwise these
> questions are invalid).
> - What type of information is received ...

on this port?

> - Doesn't this limit the number of brokers we can actually manage through
> the dispatch-router?
> - Is it possible to share the same port across several connectors?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Rawad

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